24 November 2012

Time to make love

Kiss me like you live off my softness Caress my body like my life depends on it Feed into my desires I know you carve your fix of me Suck up the nectur of my passion fruit Take advantage of my weakness Keep me up all night exploring for buried treasure Work all the kinks out or if you prefer leave them in Spread me like you need me Bite me, leave a bruise or two Scratch up my back when you get into my groove Dick me down like you are suppose to The time has cum so do what you came to do

Letter to my Ex

I see you have moved on with your life and I happy for you. I just wanted to tell you I couldn't be more proud of you. Turned into a man that I wasn't able to bring out of you and it wasn't meant for me to. God has a funny way of showing us our paths in life we must take and I appreciate what we had and what we taught one another. Your wife is a gorgeous woman and you have quite the beautiful little family. I'm doing just fine and no I haven't found my prince charming yet but in due time everything stall come to pass and I truly believe that. I wish you well and continued great success because you are destined to do great things with that life of yours. Be the man that you were called to be and never return to the boy that you once were

COD (Call of Duty)

When I have to leave you it's to protect our homeland and our values It's nothing against you but I have to do what I have to do No matter how far I must go, you are my # 1 goal and my love will never fail even when the world goes cold I must do what I am trained to do, do as I am told Stand up and fight when it's time to go to war But don't be scared for me because your strength strengthens me Keep me prayed up and loved up and that's all I need There is a main mission I must uphold, protect and serve my country and baby I got to go so don't break down on me Keep that bed warm at night because I'll be there in spirit and keep that computer on when it's time for our oovoo sessions This life isn't for everyone and you committed to it with me, That is a lot of weight to carry yet you never ever get weak Words can't explain how I love you for that alone and the fact you'll be loving me even while I'm gone I must walk out that door but know that you hold the most precious thing to me You hold the key to my heart and you are my everything

21 October 2012

Wanna get away?

Come run away with me so the world cannot find us No phones, no emails, let's go where no one knows our names and and we dont know the native language Where the sun french kisses our skin and clothes are optional Vacate our normal ways and create something beautiful that we both desire Escape what we need to do and indulge in what we want and enjoy one another Can you runaway with me, i'll make it worth your wild There is no limit to what we can do The question is do you have the time?

Dance 4 me

Bounce dhat ass for me girl and shake your titties It's what i came to see so dont be stingy Dont get it twisted, i still play for my team but i came to be entertained and you want this money So pull out all the stops for me, do some wild shit Come on let me see whatcha twerking wit Dont shame now girl, gone pop it on a handstand Use a pole or two, you know what to do to make this money flow like hot lava So do whatcha came to do

15 October 2012

Hittin It!!!!!!!!!

*SMACK* My chest to the bed and my ass in the air You rip my panties off and tell me you’ll buy me a new pair *SMACK* No need for words, the sexual tension is saying what all needs to be said You have been waiting for me to get home and get me in the bed *SMACK* Kissing me on the back of my neck and working your way down my spine Squeezing on my breast, warming me up on the inside *SMACK* I feel my passion fruit juice running done my thighs as you find my waist and guide your erection inside of what calls you late nights and makes you late for work in the morning *SMACK* My blood pressure is up and my heart rate is outta this world Our rhythm becomes one and it feels as if our passion is about to explode *SMACK* What’s my name? *SMACK* I can’t hear you *SMACK* This pussy mine? *SMACK* Damn right this pussy’s mine *SMACK* Ahhhhhhhhhhhh shit *SMACK* Immmmmmmmmma *SMACK* Bouttttttta *SMACK* CUMMM Fin.

30 September 2012

Letter to my future unborn son

I have dreams of my mardi gras mask belly tattoo spreading as wide as the moon With my prince growing deep inside me, my future blessing I dream about you all the time, how perfect you would be From the shade of chocolate of your skin to the color of those beautiful eyes Wondering of your lips will be as thick as mine and if you will have dimples when you smile But most of all I dream about the type of man you will be I need you to be a God fearing man, a man of honor and courage Doing what’s right when others expect the worst of you A gentleman because this world is losing them Be outgoing no matter what Give your best in everything you do Have goals for yourself, dreams for yourself Thrive when the society wants you to fail But most of all never break a woman’s heart intentionally Your mother has been through a heart break or two and I NEVER want you to be that guy I want you to treat women like queens and never play with their hearts You are coming from me and I am royalty and you must understand that If you wouldn’t want it done to me, don’t do it yourself Your body is sacred, always remember that I want to bring you up the right way, a better way You will be my baby but I promise not to baby you I can’t expect you to a man if I am constantly holding your hand I hope your father agrees with me whenever I meet him and marry him But this is the foundation of greatness in my eyes Until the time is right and my dreams come true I’ll meet you in my dreams and know that I love you TCG

Owwwww What A Man

You step into his door and tells you to get undressed right then and there Don't ask him any questions and get your ass upstairs. You drop everything as the words pass his lips, this tone is new to you but you like it Your mind races a mile a minute but the thrill excites you You can't keep a smile off you face as you step out of your high heel shoes Walking up the stairs you are met by soft music and rose petals on the floor and The smell of Egyptian musk in the air, your favorite body oil He grabs you by the hand and guides you to the bathroom There is a bubble bath and bottle of wine awaiting you He turns and says relax your mind and your body because that's what I need you to do Because tonight you belong to me and I am going to spoil you He helps you into the bath and hands you a glass of wine You are pretty much speechless at this point in time He washes you from toe to head, with every touch so sensual You've finished off the bottle of wine and feeling all types of wonderful He gets you out the tub and drys off every inch of your body He whispers in your ear,"It's time, are you ready?" With you heart racing and blood pressure through the roof, he guides you to the bedroom To your surprise your bags are backed with a flight tickets sitting on the night stand He turns to you and starts to explain that he is taking you on a romantic get-away and that you don't need to worry about a thing because he has taken care of everything. He scoops you in his arms and walks you to the bed and says before I take you there, I am TAKING YOU THERE If you could explain how great you feel you would but you can't because your vocabulary can't do the man you love proper justice There is nothing like a man WHO takes control TCG

Now What?

I gave you NOTHING less than my best when it came to us because you required it from me but in the end you fucked me royally because while I was busy setting my life up around you, you were making plans to dismiss me along. Crush my dreams and replace them with nightmares, patting me on the back and telling me you still care and that you are sorry that it had to end this way but the tears I cry mean nothing to you at all because that still doesn't change the fact that you don't want me but yet you do. You only want certain parts of me that can satisfy you. This is my life you have wrecked, can't you see that? Why must it be a game of whits when it comes to what we have. I gave you my last and you threw it out the window. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO NOW? I gotta start over while you continue living your life yet my heart is broken over us ......... Some say it is better to have loved than not to have loved at all but from my point of view, I wished we never got involved TCG

07 September 2012


In my mind I go back and forth with how things are going
Do i keep your feelings first and continue to torture myself because I want more from what we have. I basically let us be what we are because I'm scared that if I push for more things will change 4 the worse and you will back away fron me like you did before. I don't want to force you to do anything but baby I do need some reassuring. It's tough to go forward when you are going forward alone, I get nervous thinking about confronting you with my issue. Do you really have my back or is it just a phase. Am I important to you like you say I am or am I just your favorite game to play? Are my feelings for you disposal to you, worth keeping close to your heart? Do you want me to stay off potential alone but what if potential never develops huh? What if you walk away and I stay? Does that ever cross your mind? Do I ever cross your mind? Sweetie I need to know

... Either ... Or ...

If this isn’t where you WANT to be, than you are more than welcome to leave just make sure you leave behind THE key this time because there is NO coming back through my threshold of love and dedication but IF you are staying there MUST be some changes because living like this is NOT enough for me. I NEED you to understand that I AM a woman who feeds off your energy, who needs your affection and attention. Half stepping is officially off limits because I AM greatness and you NEED to recognize that I AM not some little girl to be played with because it takes an extraordinary woman to love a brilliant mind like yours but you MUST hear me when I say I NEED MORE than the bare minimum you are allowing yourself to produce. Either we fix this now and chuck the DUECE!

19 August 2012

Touch Me

Topless is easy access to what feels real to you and I, which means that I need us to be on the same level in which things have the power to come together in perfect harmony the way things should be between people such as ourselves. Makes no difference to me because our intimacy is the most important thing to me because it is nothing like seeing your man happy or feeling him lose his mind when grips your ass from behind. I can't help it that I feed off your energy and I need what I need but us having that type of chemistry is a blessing to me!

Reality Check

Night sweats are just like peanut butter and chocolate perfectly complimenting each other when they touch your lips. You invade my dreams and make everything on me wet but it is a beautiful feeling when you are caressing my consciousness and causing flash floods and tropical storm type weather inside of me ......... But I wonder if it is just a dream or are you next to me. I can't wait to close my eyes and meet you with my thighs spread wide Because your tongue will greet me, your arms will hold me steady as you work me out. Feels so real, feels so good, driving me wild......... What a dream to have.

He Always Wins

Wearing my panties on top of his head as a sign of victory Because I had been teasing him steadily that he will never beat me but yet he got me at my own game. He didn't say a word while he had me screaming his name because he told me he could show me better than tell me that he is the man round here and he is running thangs and running me as well. Yet my mouth got to running, fueling his fire. That fire deep in the core of his manhood. Determined to prove a point to me that no matter how big and bad I get, he still has the power to put me down where I need to be. It drives me wild and makes me crave him more but it is what it is and I am grateful for him!

29 June 2012

Oral ......... at its finest

I want to start at the tip and work my way down your shaft Caress every inch of what it is you have or better yet what you are blessed with Your stick is for the tasting and I want sample of that magic that lives in your love below Yeah it is my job but I refuse to blow An opportunity to give you what your body needs Because if it were me, I’d have you on your knees So let me do for you as I would want for myself Because treating your man how you want to be treated is great for your health But back to the task at hand, or I rather say at mouth Taking my skills and tricks and heading down south To the source of what makes you a man Let me please that which is in between your or more like your lower amenities. Special attention is required for such a being as your wand, wave it at me baby. It needs that good ol spit shine of mine but the question is not when but are you ready? Ignite that passion in you, drive you wild I must know how many licks it takes to get an explosion out of you Curl your toes as I do my thing nice and slow Just let me know when ……… I’ll get on my mark: Set BLOW!

07 June 2012

Welllllllllll Goood Morning

I believe I was on the verge of a wet dream but I woke up before the juices started flowing but the juices are definitely there with my very real thoughts and feelings running high and then I realize I must go to the bathroom that's why my body woke me up nd the fact that my mouth is quite dry. As I kick my legs over the bed I come to the understanding that I have a female version of a hard on. If I had a penis it would be standing at attention for the whole world to see bouncing around just happy to b up because my mind created some idea to bring me to life but I guess sex is one of the first things on my mind right after Thanking my Heavenly Father. So no more condemning a man for his morning showcase because women have them as well it's just not in your face

04 June 2012


Your soul juice Your cum Your ejaculation The simple yet complex basic material of LIFE Some consider it the late night snack to their wives or The release of some built up stress or tension that was produced from a long day’s work Or even a sign of victory after that big booty girl you have been after for 2 weeks finally gives into you plea for sex But some are losing the true definition of this life nectar that God has created. You males are the kings and rulers of this world and God has made you royalty So that means you should protect your precious jewelry, family jewels, or whatever you decided to call your anatomy But your loins bring about greatness to this old dying world yet some of you get instant satisfaction in bussin a nut on a super freak's breast or eyelids. You 'nut' in her mouth and she spits it out .........THAT IS YOUR LEGACY ON THE DAMN FLOOR. My African Kings do you not see that it this is killing me that you are having spiritual transfers of life for recreation with some random woman who doesn’t respect your birthright to bless the world with your seeds? This is a serious matter because children are being created with women that don't deserve your blessing of life! You got quick 'nut' on her butt but you are falling to the masses It is life that is brewed between your legs and you should treat it as such. It is your prized possession Protect it at all cost Thinking about what you are doing before you go shooting off

02 June 2012

Eviction Notice

Cut this out of me This passion must go I’m evicting dhat ass, your love don’t live here no mo Pack ya shit Out the door No need to explain what you’re moving out for Give me the keys to my heart Better yet keep them; I’m changing the fucking locks Because this shit here must stop I can’t keep living with this love this ain’t Bob Marley It has taken a toll on me but for what Just so you could be sorry? To give me hope in a dream of you and me To one day start our own family To live a beautiful life and to be happy? But you are scared of the possibility of what we could be Because I am the one that truly makes you happy But if you can’t believe in me like I believe in you Then you must go and find something new If the best of me isn’t enough for you Oh well your loss and all of that is cool But with that you got to get the fuck up out my heart I don’t mean to be rude This is more for me than it is for you Chenel

06 May 2012

I want you

Only if you could comprehend the passion that I feel for you, you would understand that there is no way that I could just be your friend. The fact that I day dream about you constantly and I wonder about your ever move not on no stalker tip just that I am simply into you. When there is something you desire that much you learn everything you can so that you are better equipped to understand what it is that makes that one thing so unique to you. That is what motivates me to get to know you. What makes you happy, what makes you sad? What type of underwear do you prefer your woman wear in your bed if any at all? I want know everything even if it is big or small but it is getting to the core elements of you so I don't mind at all because I feed off the energy you give to me. I want to know what level of intimacy to take on with you because I what to get to know you, I want to be close to you, dance with your soul, figure out why you it's you that infatuates my soul, my mind, and my loins. I want to know why I want you and only you to have me in this way, to be my fulfillment and my joy that I share with the world that you drive me crazy with compassion that it leaks through my pores that I got to have you in my life no other way will do. The simple fact is that I want you

09 April 2012

God forgive me, I don't mean to question you

Is this what I have been praying for this whole time? Is this what I've been needing? God after all this frustration, is this what I've been seeking? I pray for your forgiveness and not for my own understanding. You wouldn't put more on me than I can bare but what is he to me. Would you let me feel what greatness feels like to head back to pain? Expose me to real and never be the same. Let us cross paths just to help one another in these trying times? I'm in a dark place as is he but is it real between us or just a fantasy? You said this that come from sin can't not succeed but Lord I ask you, can you make this exception for me? For us, I believe this us more than just lust. But I ask this of you but at the end of it all, I sure am blessed to have experienced this than not at all

Time for a change

Things have changed for the better and everything feels right
The standard has been set for what I deserve to have in my life
Every piece of me has been ignited with passion and I feel like a woman again
Me accepting crap from a man is no longer existing
I've been treated like royalty and I refuse to go back to how I use to live


I get excited when you wear nothing but basketball shorts to bed
Gives me the urge to explore your body with my hands
And discover what makes you a man
Can I hold you real tight in my arms , I want you next to me but yet I want you on top of me
The smell of your cologne dances in my nose, your scent makes me lose control of my thoughts and do somethings to you with my imagination.
I can't help myself but can you blame me? You turn me on and I can't stand it when I can't have you. Boy this is not a game I will pounce on you. Let me wrap my body onto yours and you can have me because I am yours

He who hurt me

He hurt my spirit and tortured my soul, yet I loved him with all of me and in return he turned me cold. All the signs were there from the beginning but I tried to make it work because I loved him. That type of love that I would go to the end of the earth for him, if he needed a piece of me it was his to have but he never understood that I loved him more then words could express. All I ever wanted was for him to feel the same and let the love flow through him. He never realized the passion that lived inside of me for him, the pure desire of him being near me ......... I thought he was the air in my lungs and the heart in my chest but that day came when what I had wasn't the best for him and what he wanted to do with himself anymore. I was no longer the love of his life or his soul mate. He couldn't even look me in my in when we were face to face, letting those bullets shoot out of his mouth into my chest like killing me softly with no soft in it. He murdered my heart because I knew it was lies, crushed my mind a million times but he walked away without a scratch or a bruise, didn't even extend a helping hand moved on with his life like we never happened, like i never existed. I never moved on,letting him always have his place back in my world, hoping he would change his mind and he did but it changed severe times and a piece of me died with every turn. Demanding all of me but claiming he never did, opening up my heart again but never really wanted it, and looking of him to love me like i needed to be loved and it never happened. A scared little boy running from me, running from my love ......... Like I was the Black plague or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus bug. Love had broken me, he had broken me and i still never understood how I can't live without him but he live without me.

17 March 2012

Next to me

You want him to rub you down but you can't cross the line. Feeling his hand running down your spine
You want to be touched, feel like a woman again but then again you can't let him in nor get close to you
But this is what you are suppose to do
This is a law of nature, he is suppose to be attracted to you
You want things to get intense so you can have your way but if you do things might not go your way. Sex to soon could kill his interest or show you that he was only after one thing but you have desires too, so why not give in? Why not chose to have what you already been feeling nd touching on through his short. But the question is can he handle you the way you long 4? Is it a one night stand or is he on for the long haul? Can he last for hours or it b a minute man? When was the last time he tested because his dick ain't worth it. Mayb you should stop debating with yourself and speak your mind because you deserve to know what he is all about

14 March 2012


I have a couple poems I need to complete, they are pretty damn great too LOL alright alright I'm done for now =]


Just up doing some late night thinking. My body is restless and this is the perfect opportunity to free my mind, think in a higher mind state if that is what you wanna call it. Right now I am wondering about people in my life. I know you aren't suppose to question God's plan for your like and the things that develop around you but I just wonder when some of the people that are entering my life are going to become permanent fixtures in my life. I know that all people that enter your life aren't good to you or good for you but when do the people that are suppose to be in your life for the rest of your make themselves known? So me as the kind hearted person I am can know when to love them, to appreciate them, and not waste feelings on seasonal people. I got people that I've grown to love and been there for through the thick of things but yet they are useless to me and the direction I am going in with my life. I've wasted some much time, energy, and love on wasteful people. I have some much love that I want to give and ready to give but I am scared. I don't ever want to hurt ever again in the bases of so called love. I want love to feel great again not a pain

05 March 2012

I am done

Frustration and dissatisfaction will be the death of me
My heart is falling apart
The battle has won

04 March 2012

1:55 am Central Time

I'm ready to fall out off my clothes and touch you with my loins
Caress you with my pride and release my love from within
Can I have my way with you? Because the way I'm thinking, I don't need any restriction
This is not a dream nor a test so lock in and enjoy the ride
The passion is gonna blow your mind once you get inside
Embrace me, feel what I live
Open up to and show me what it is that you have to express
I know you have it in you, show me your best
Let me have what I need from you and I'll give you the rest


01 March 2012

Growing Up

I feel that this process is healthy for me, helping me cleanse myself of my personal demons and focus on the things I need and gather what my heart desires. I hadn't been this passionate about celebrating lent since I was a little girl at Saint James Major LOL
I'm still figuring some things out but I'm making am effort ya know! Job hunting, thinking about my future, expanding my horizons. My gma says the only reason I want to work is so I cam buy shoes nd dresses LOL Part of that is true but I am ready to have my own you know. Well at least work for, grind for it.
My lent plan I am on is pretty good, well pretty great. Has me thinking about alot in my life and what I need to correct and let God's plan for me work for me. Believe me being as head strong as I am, this is kicking my butt lol but I determined to make it! Easter here I come

23 February 2012

My heart is full

I just saw Act Of Valor .........
My heart was truthly touched
I am grateful that I will be lacing up my boots in a profession that I love and serving my country and protecting my family, loved ones, friends.
Shouted with moment of joy and cried in moments of pain
I can't wait to start my Army career, it is gonna be one hell of a ride!

13 February 2012


It is obvious to me that you are living your life freely
But can you be man enough to speak truthfully
There is a 2nd tooth brush in ur bathroom that's pink and long strands of hair all over ur sink
Pads nd lashes in your trash can and I know you cant go through a whole roll of toliet paper in a week
Feminite body wash and a body puff are in your shower and none of it's mine and I know you don't use them
Be honest about yours or atleast smarter
I know you have other female friends but damn let me think I'm the only 1
Don't give me that I'm looking for things that aren't there when those things found me in your bathroom nd I was just going to pee
Be sensitive to the fact I have feelings well at least the common courtesy.
And if I ask you a question about what I see then its a straight face lie of those things don't mean anything.
But can I ask you this, if you were me would you put up with this shit?

09 February 2012

Label me this

I must be a bitch because you feel that I am
Or because it makes you feel less of man when i challenge you
If I lay on my back nd let you have your way with me it's cool
But if I stand up for what I believe in then I'm rude
Being an assertive Black woman makes me a everything but a child of God
Imma a hoe imma slut imma blumpy face Bitch
But if i keep my mouth close nd go with the flow
Then maybe you will drop my title as a hoe
I let you use me, miss treat me, so called love me, nd leave me but I tell you to keep it moving you aren't having it.
You want your way with me but I can't have what i need from you,
Nd you think you can fix the wrongs you have done by calling me boo
Now you are mad at the fact I caught you in a lie
Nd i don't wanna keep our so called friendship alive
But your words cut deep nd my feelings are hurt because I belittled myself nd decreased my self worth
For a handsome smile nd slick words
But the truth is out nd your true colors have shown
That Imma Bitch by your definition
I'll be that if it means cutting all ties with you
Fuck keeping a Mister Wrong, I ain't no fool

11 January 2012

Just Mayb

I was always told I am to young for love and marriage cause I have yet to experience life
But what if being a wife to the man I love is life for me?
Mayb sharing my world with the man of my dreams is my dream
Can I honestly say settling down is what feels right to me
Giving my all to the man that loves me unconditionally
Knowing my flaws and all he still wants to be with me?
The one who laughs at my corny jokes as hard as I do
Who comforts me when the tribulations of life come knocking at my door
To want to spend the rest of my life being everything he ever desired and hoped for
To stand in front of God and let Him know that he is my 1
You can't tell age that it is to young to love because I know for a fact that it isn't
Because love knows no age limit

07 January 2012

Sorry Doesn't Cut It!

What is wrong with keeping your word
You chose to let me down everytime
Is it is so hard to make me smile
And not bullshit around with my feelings
Im tired of hearing the excuses
And your apologies are useless to me
Why can't you just do the right thing?
If you weren't gonna do right from the start
You shouldn't have introduced yourself to my heart
Why did you embrace my desires
If you knew u were gonna act like a coward
I can't believe I wanted you close to me foreal
Why bother with wiping away my tears
Look at what you have done to me
You messed me up internally
Yet you can sleep at night knowing you are hurting me
And you can let baby I'm sorry pass your lips
But ain't nothing sorry but yo ass nd you know it
Im tired of being let down by you
Why love a man that cant love you?