09 February 2012

Label me this

I must be a bitch because you feel that I am
Or because it makes you feel less of man when i challenge you
If I lay on my back nd let you have your way with me it's cool
But if I stand up for what I believe in then I'm rude
Being an assertive Black woman makes me a everything but a child of God
Imma a hoe imma slut imma blumpy face Bitch
But if i keep my mouth close nd go with the flow
Then maybe you will drop my title as a hoe
I let you use me, miss treat me, so called love me, nd leave me but I tell you to keep it moving you aren't having it.
You want your way with me but I can't have what i need from you,
Nd you think you can fix the wrongs you have done by calling me boo
Now you are mad at the fact I caught you in a lie
Nd i don't wanna keep our so called friendship alive
But your words cut deep nd my feelings are hurt because I belittled myself nd decreased my self worth
For a handsome smile nd slick words
But the truth is out nd your true colors have shown
That Imma Bitch by your definition
I'll be that if it means cutting all ties with you
Fuck keeping a Mister Wrong, I ain't no fool

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