13 February 2012


It is obvious to me that you are living your life freely
But can you be man enough to speak truthfully
There is a 2nd tooth brush in ur bathroom that's pink and long strands of hair all over ur sink
Pads nd lashes in your trash can and I know you cant go through a whole roll of toliet paper in a week
Feminite body wash and a body puff are in your shower and none of it's mine and I know you don't use them
Be honest about yours or atleast smarter
I know you have other female friends but damn let me think I'm the only 1
Don't give me that I'm looking for things that aren't there when those things found me in your bathroom nd I was just going to pee
Be sensitive to the fact I have feelings well at least the common courtesy.
And if I ask you a question about what I see then its a straight face lie of those things don't mean anything.
But can I ask you this, if you were me would you put up with this shit?

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