14 November 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful

I am who I am and I am proud of me
The things that I have accomplished and the goals that I seek
My tattoos and piercings are an expression of me
Nd the love that I give is an extension of me
I walk to the music that I create
I march down my own path because of faith
God makes no mistakes and I understand
That I am who I am and I gives no damn
What others feel and what they see
I'm a blessing upon this earth
And sweetie I am proud of me
I wake up every morning with my head held high
I grace the world with my life
because I am fortunate to still be here
So Imma live each day as if it is my last
Smile a whole lot harder because it feels right
I dance to the beat because my hips wanna move
I tell a man I want him because I have the right to chose
Life is short but Imma embrace it
It's full of pain as well but pain killers were invented for a reason
Imma rock until I can't feel my face
Get high on life and enjoy the taste
Of what I see, hear, do, and feel
Tat my name on ya boy so I know it's real!
I am a Diva, a Scholar, a Queen, a Cadet, a Woman, a Friend, a Lover, a Unique individual
But most of all of I am the Bold and the Beautiful