02 June 2012

Eviction Notice

Cut this out of me This passion must go I’m evicting dhat ass, your love don’t live here no mo Pack ya shit Out the door No need to explain what you’re moving out for Give me the keys to my heart Better yet keep them; I’m changing the fucking locks Because this shit here must stop I can’t keep living with this love this ain’t Bob Marley It has taken a toll on me but for what Just so you could be sorry? To give me hope in a dream of you and me To one day start our own family To live a beautiful life and to be happy? But you are scared of the possibility of what we could be Because I am the one that truly makes you happy But if you can’t believe in me like I believe in you Then you must go and find something new If the best of me isn’t enough for you Oh well your loss and all of that is cool But with that you got to get the fuck up out my heart I don’t mean to be rude This is more for me than it is for you Chenel