30 December 2011

FUCK I hate sleeping alone

Brand new pillows, freshly washed sheets
Nd the only person getting in bed is me
Pretty redd lipstick and high heel shoes
Sexy lingerie and music to set the mood
Candles lit, sweet scents fill the air
For me to cuddle with my DAMN teddy bear
Rub my head, Scratch my back, and smack my ass
I guess I'll have to a have wet dream to get all that
It gets cold in my little ol'bed
Phone calls and text messages don't fix shit
Especially when all I want clit licked
This is a sad site to see
But the drought is real
Life goes on but I still hate sleeping alone


21 November 2011

Thinkin .........

Ever felt like you are fighting with something doesn't want you to leave but doesn't want to put in the effort to keep you around? I am at that point right now

14 November 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful

I am who I am and I am proud of me
The things that I have accomplished and the goals that I seek
My tattoos and piercings are an expression of me
Nd the love that I give is an extension of me
I walk to the music that I create
I march down my own path because of faith
God makes no mistakes and I understand
That I am who I am and I gives no damn
What others feel and what they see
I'm a blessing upon this earth
And sweetie I am proud of me
I wake up every morning with my head held high
I grace the world with my life
because I am fortunate to still be here
So Imma live each day as if it is my last
Smile a whole lot harder because it feels right
I dance to the beat because my hips wanna move
I tell a man I want him because I have the right to chose
Life is short but Imma embrace it
It's full of pain as well but pain killers were invented for a reason
Imma rock until I can't feel my face
Get high on life and enjoy the taste
Of what I see, hear, do, and feel
Tat my name on ya boy so I know it's real!
I am a Diva, a Scholar, a Queen, a Cadet, a Woman, a Friend, a Lover, a Unique individual
But most of all of I am the Bold and the Beautiful


31 October 2011


I guess this little taste will just have to do, I can't let you have full control because you wouldn't know what to do.
That type of power in your hands solely is a lot to maintain, that is why I don't trust just anyone with title I ordain.
If it was a simple as words you could handle it but life isn't all talk you gotta be able to support it.
It is okay to be scared of a challenge but don't let it run you off, If you are man stand as such.
No need for excuses or shoulda coulda woulda, those don't matter in the long run.
So until you show me you are worthy of a place in my Queendom, you only get just a teaser of my plate

30 October 2011

In my feelings

I just don't understand why people do what they do (including myself). You can have a great person in front you, willing to be your everything but you will not even give them a chance because of some lame excuse that isn't even worth speaking on. From your past, your are scared, you have trust issues, or it's to cold outside for a relationship, All of it is a load of crap!It just makes me mad to see these things and experience them for myself. It sucks ass

26 October 2011

Just getting started

Something new, I had been fighting getting a blog for a while but this blog is something I need. A great place to express my feelings and post my poetry. Plus my Big Sis said I need to get off on Facebook with my work, soooooooo here I am. I will be working on my writers block and try to post daily. I'm working being positive and productive. The Lord has blessed me with this gift and I need to use it before He takes it away, share my gift with the world. Some say I 'm a great mentor, some say I'm a great listener but to me I'm just me living and sharing my experiences. I hope you enjoy