19 August 2012

Touch Me

Topless is easy access to what feels real to you and I, which means that I need us to be on the same level in which things have the power to come together in perfect harmony the way things should be between people such as ourselves. Makes no difference to me because our intimacy is the most important thing to me because it is nothing like seeing your man happy or feeling him lose his mind when grips your ass from behind. I can't help it that I feed off your energy and I need what I need but us having that type of chemistry is a blessing to me!

Reality Check

Night sweats are just like peanut butter and chocolate perfectly complimenting each other when they touch your lips. You invade my dreams and make everything on me wet but it is a beautiful feeling when you are caressing my consciousness and causing flash floods and tropical storm type weather inside of me ......... But I wonder if it is just a dream or are you next to me. I can't wait to close my eyes and meet you with my thighs spread wide Because your tongue will greet me, your arms will hold me steady as you work me out. Feels so real, feels so good, driving me wild......... What a dream to have.

He Always Wins

Wearing my panties on top of his head as a sign of victory Because I had been teasing him steadily that he will never beat me but yet he got me at my own game. He didn't say a word while he had me screaming his name because he told me he could show me better than tell me that he is the man round here and he is running thangs and running me as well. Yet my mouth got to running, fueling his fire. That fire deep in the core of his manhood. Determined to prove a point to me that no matter how big and bad I get, he still has the power to put me down where I need to be. It drives me wild and makes me crave him more but it is what it is and I am grateful for him!