17 March 2012

Next to me

You want him to rub you down but you can't cross the line. Feeling his hand running down your spine
You want to be touched, feel like a woman again but then again you can't let him in nor get close to you
But this is what you are suppose to do
This is a law of nature, he is suppose to be attracted to you
You want things to get intense so you can have your way but if you do things might not go your way. Sex to soon could kill his interest or show you that he was only after one thing but you have desires too, so why not give in? Why not chose to have what you already been feeling nd touching on through his short. But the question is can he handle you the way you long 4? Is it a one night stand or is he on for the long haul? Can he last for hours or it b a minute man? When was the last time he tested because his dick ain't worth it. Mayb you should stop debating with yourself and speak your mind because you deserve to know what he is all about

14 March 2012


I have a couple poems I need to complete, they are pretty damn great too LOL alright alright I'm done for now =]


Just up doing some late night thinking. My body is restless and this is the perfect opportunity to free my mind, think in a higher mind state if that is what you wanna call it. Right now I am wondering about people in my life. I know you aren't suppose to question God's plan for your like and the things that develop around you but I just wonder when some of the people that are entering my life are going to become permanent fixtures in my life. I know that all people that enter your life aren't good to you or good for you but when do the people that are suppose to be in your life for the rest of your make themselves known? So me as the kind hearted person I am can know when to love them, to appreciate them, and not waste feelings on seasonal people. I got people that I've grown to love and been there for through the thick of things but yet they are useless to me and the direction I am going in with my life. I've wasted some much time, energy, and love on wasteful people. I have some much love that I want to give and ready to give but I am scared. I don't ever want to hurt ever again in the bases of so called love. I want love to feel great again not a pain