11 January 2012

Just Mayb

I was always told I am to young for love and marriage cause I have yet to experience life
But what if being a wife to the man I love is life for me?
Mayb sharing my world with the man of my dreams is my dream
Can I honestly say settling down is what feels right to me
Giving my all to the man that loves me unconditionally
Knowing my flaws and all he still wants to be with me?
The one who laughs at my corny jokes as hard as I do
Who comforts me when the tribulations of life come knocking at my door
To want to spend the rest of my life being everything he ever desired and hoped for
To stand in front of God and let Him know that he is my 1
You can't tell age that it is to young to love because I know for a fact that it isn't
Because love knows no age limit