07 January 2012

Sorry Doesn't Cut It!

What is wrong with keeping your word
You chose to let me down everytime
Is it is so hard to make me smile
And not bullshit around with my feelings
Im tired of hearing the excuses
And your apologies are useless to me
Why can't you just do the right thing?
If you weren't gonna do right from the start
You shouldn't have introduced yourself to my heart
Why did you embrace my desires
If you knew u were gonna act like a coward
I can't believe I wanted you close to me foreal
Why bother with wiping away my tears
Look at what you have done to me
You messed me up internally
Yet you can sleep at night knowing you are hurting me
And you can let baby I'm sorry pass your lips
But ain't nothing sorry but yo ass nd you know it
Im tired of being let down by you
Why love a man that cant love you?