30 September 2012

Letter to my future unborn son

I have dreams of my mardi gras mask belly tattoo spreading as wide as the moon With my prince growing deep inside me, my future blessing I dream about you all the time, how perfect you would be From the shade of chocolate of your skin to the color of those beautiful eyes Wondering of your lips will be as thick as mine and if you will have dimples when you smile But most of all I dream about the type of man you will be I need you to be a God fearing man, a man of honor and courage Doing what’s right when others expect the worst of you A gentleman because this world is losing them Be outgoing no matter what Give your best in everything you do Have goals for yourself, dreams for yourself Thrive when the society wants you to fail But most of all never break a woman’s heart intentionally Your mother has been through a heart break or two and I NEVER want you to be that guy I want you to treat women like queens and never play with their hearts You are coming from me and I am royalty and you must understand that If you wouldn’t want it done to me, don’t do it yourself Your body is sacred, always remember that I want to bring you up the right way, a better way You will be my baby but I promise not to baby you I can’t expect you to a man if I am constantly holding your hand I hope your father agrees with me whenever I meet him and marry him But this is the foundation of greatness in my eyes Until the time is right and my dreams come true I’ll meet you in my dreams and know that I love you TCG

Owwwww What A Man

You step into his door and tells you to get undressed right then and there Don't ask him any questions and get your ass upstairs. You drop everything as the words pass his lips, this tone is new to you but you like it Your mind races a mile a minute but the thrill excites you You can't keep a smile off you face as you step out of your high heel shoes Walking up the stairs you are met by soft music and rose petals on the floor and The smell of Egyptian musk in the air, your favorite body oil He grabs you by the hand and guides you to the bathroom There is a bubble bath and bottle of wine awaiting you He turns and says relax your mind and your body because that's what I need you to do Because tonight you belong to me and I am going to spoil you He helps you into the bath and hands you a glass of wine You are pretty much speechless at this point in time He washes you from toe to head, with every touch so sensual You've finished off the bottle of wine and feeling all types of wonderful He gets you out the tub and drys off every inch of your body He whispers in your ear,"It's time, are you ready?" With you heart racing and blood pressure through the roof, he guides you to the bedroom To your surprise your bags are backed with a flight tickets sitting on the night stand He turns to you and starts to explain that he is taking you on a romantic get-away and that you don't need to worry about a thing because he has taken care of everything. He scoops you in his arms and walks you to the bed and says before I take you there, I am TAKING YOU THERE If you could explain how great you feel you would but you can't because your vocabulary can't do the man you love proper justice There is nothing like a man WHO takes control TCG

Now What?

I gave you NOTHING less than my best when it came to us because you required it from me but in the end you fucked me royally because while I was busy setting my life up around you, you were making plans to dismiss me along. Crush my dreams and replace them with nightmares, patting me on the back and telling me you still care and that you are sorry that it had to end this way but the tears I cry mean nothing to you at all because that still doesn't change the fact that you don't want me but yet you do. You only want certain parts of me that can satisfy you. This is my life you have wrecked, can't you see that? Why must it be a game of whits when it comes to what we have. I gave you my last and you threw it out the window. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO NOW? I gotta start over while you continue living your life yet my heart is broken over us ......... Some say it is better to have loved than not to have loved at all but from my point of view, I wished we never got involved TCG