30 September 2012

Owwwww What A Man

You step into his door and tells you to get undressed right then and there Don't ask him any questions and get your ass upstairs. You drop everything as the words pass his lips, this tone is new to you but you like it Your mind races a mile a minute but the thrill excites you You can't keep a smile off you face as you step out of your high heel shoes Walking up the stairs you are met by soft music and rose petals on the floor and The smell of Egyptian musk in the air, your favorite body oil He grabs you by the hand and guides you to the bathroom There is a bubble bath and bottle of wine awaiting you He turns and says relax your mind and your body because that's what I need you to do Because tonight you belong to me and I am going to spoil you He helps you into the bath and hands you a glass of wine You are pretty much speechless at this point in time He washes you from toe to head, with every touch so sensual You've finished off the bottle of wine and feeling all types of wonderful He gets you out the tub and drys off every inch of your body He whispers in your ear,"It's time, are you ready?" With you heart racing and blood pressure through the roof, he guides you to the bedroom To your surprise your bags are backed with a flight tickets sitting on the night stand He turns to you and starts to explain that he is taking you on a romantic get-away and that you don't need to worry about a thing because he has taken care of everything. He scoops you in his arms and walks you to the bed and says before I take you there, I am TAKING YOU THERE If you could explain how great you feel you would but you can't because your vocabulary can't do the man you love proper justice There is nothing like a man WHO takes control TCG

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