31 October 2011


I guess this little taste will just have to do, I can't let you have full control because you wouldn't know what to do.
That type of power in your hands solely is a lot to maintain, that is why I don't trust just anyone with title I ordain.
If it was a simple as words you could handle it but life isn't all talk you gotta be able to support it.
It is okay to be scared of a challenge but don't let it run you off, If you are man stand as such.
No need for excuses or shoulda coulda woulda, those don't matter in the long run.
So until you show me you are worthy of a place in my Queendom, you only get just a teaser of my plate

30 October 2011

In my feelings

I just don't understand why people do what they do (including myself). You can have a great person in front you, willing to be your everything but you will not even give them a chance because of some lame excuse that isn't even worth speaking on. From your past, your are scared, you have trust issues, or it's to cold outside for a relationship, All of it is a load of crap!It just makes me mad to see these things and experience them for myself. It sucks ass