23 May 2013

ByeBye Baby

I had a moment today that I've been avoiding for a while, Reality has set in and I see the truth now
There is no longer a we .........
Better yet I don't think there ever was a we, it was just a you enjoying things with me.
Now that I reflect on it, I feel so small because I truly cared for you from the bottom of my heart and soul; and you dropped me faster than a hot potato and walked away like there was nothing else to be said,
I gave to you what I felt you needed but in the end I was mistreated because I spoiled you and forgot about me.
And that's how the end of our story came to be.
I was to much of a coward to ask you to be the man that I needed you to be, I was scared of pushing you away but in the end you walked away from me,
leaving a bruise hearted woman to pick up the pieces of her pride.
I let my guard down for you, like I didn't know any better
A familiar feeling that I always hated
Being abandoned by the man I thought I needed
Staining my pillows with tears from the years of love I thought was fareal
The feeling of being mistreated and letting being optimistic blur my 20/20 vision because I saw pass your selfish ways because I was willing to give up all my me's for we's but it was only me down for team us apparently. I just thank God I can walk away with my dignity because I know in my heart I gave you the best of me. I hope you find everything that  you are out searching for because you gave up on the one woman who wanted nothing more than to see your smile everyday for the rest of your life, a woman who wanted to be your wife and give life to your hopes and dreams from her womb, and give you the world just because she loves you. As I walk away there is no see you later or see ya next time, a permanent ending is more suitable ....... Goodbye

Wake Up

Sometimes I can't believe my eyes, because knowing where  our people have come from, this foolishness comes as surprise! We absorb this bullshit that today's society provides to ruin our minds and kill our legacy. We are descendents of the earth's first Kings and Queens, royal family, and high society.  Don't you see they are pumping poison into our vains, brainwashing our youth, and incarcerating our men so that we don't go back to the proper state of mind we were born in. Ripped from the arms of our motherland Africa, we were beaten and abused, built the greatest nation upon our backs but we get no recognition in the history books. They chose the strongest of people of the world to build a dream that they dreamt for themselves but forgot to acknowledge us and remolded our souls. Telling us we should be grateful that they saved us from a barbaric life we faced ..........
I wish people would open up their eyes and see that we are still in a form of slavery but we are allowing it to be. Where the black family is becoming a fact of history because black men and women are chasing the wrong things. Money, cars, and clothes are what's rotting our soul. Statistics in America shows that black single mothers are on the rise and our young boys and men are being incarcerated by the hour. We are steadily losing the morals and standards that ancestors passed down to us but we are all cool with that quick nut until the sperm connects with the egg and a baby developed. All of a sudden responsibility is out the window and another fatherless home is created with a bitter mama bashing men left and right trying to teach a boy to be a man but how can that be? Just because you come from a man doesn't mean you know how to teach a boy to be a man. Women were created from the side of a man to compliment him, build him up, and make their lives together better.  His Queen, his soul mate, his everything but we can't see pass the lustful clouds jading our eyes from the prize of properly replenishing our kingdom of African decent. Our people are forgetting what our family values stand for. Taking pride in being a member of the baby mama and baby daddy club! What happened to taking pride in your our family units?Soon the future generations will have to refer to The Cosby show to know what a strong black family is. What's wrong with uniting with one another and starting a family the right way. We have got to do better before it's to late. I don't want to stuffed, puffed, and plastered in a museum and historians refer to our people as the existent race

22 May 2013


Chocolate Adonis of my dreams that keeps me from sleeping
Every time I close my eyes you appear and take control of me.
I try to fight sleep but you keep calling me
Demanding me to stop running and face this ecstasy
I know it's a dream but it feels like the real thing
Because I wake up sweating and my inner thighs are sticky
Each and every time you seduce me with your eyes, melt me with your touch, and intrigue me with your love
You have your way with me there so I know I can't handle you in actuality
With your great physique in my face and you wrapping my legs around your waist
Telling me the things I need to get me there
Tears of joy and the pain of pleasure
It's always one hell of a dream or my overly active imagination