13 December 2013

Final Round of Applause

Finally saw the light, Thanks for helping me get to where I need to be and showing me that my love NEVER meant a thing to you. Thanks for the pain you caused because it molded me into the woman I am today. Thank you for the blunt disrespect and unsupportive actions that you stood behind because your pride is what keeps you warm at night. Thank you for throwing our friendship away because I was still holding onto the old raggedy thing, hoping that we could be tight like we use to be. Thanks for showing me how much of a dummy I was falling in love with a guy who partially loved me, if you ever loved me at all. The thing that drives me insane is how I could see past your flaws and love you no matter what, kept caring for someone who obviously doesn't give a damn about me. Even after all this time and after all the things you subjected me to, I still could say I genuinely care for you but that ends today. I have to walk away and take my love with me and give it to someone who will appreciate me for all I do and what I stand for. I have to keep on pressing on and not dare look behind me because I'll trip up and miss my destiny. I was questioning whether or not was I ready to say goodbye but au revoirs are in order. Time to let us die and no resurrections are allowed. I can still smile because I'm glad it happened but that's all I can give credit for. No more tears for you and well wishing that you miss me too because I'm tired of still playing the fool to something that obviously didn't work. You didn't deserve me and you'll never have a woman as great as me because I'm a once in a lifetime chance of pure happiness and I almost let you ruin me. Bitterness and depression was chasing me down but I found me strength to keep running my race to the fullest. So thank you once again for everything that you did but this will be the last acknowledged performance on the stage of my life, so take your final bow.