02 December 2013

The man of Reality

I meet you every time I close my eyes In the most intimate place of my mind Filling me up with your love, triggering my passion to flow freely Touching me like you personally crafted my body Being ever so gentle with the delicate places Soothing my soul with each caress of my flesh Admiring who I am and loving me for it Because I am not perfect but I am your perfection Making me forget about the long day I've had No words are speaken but knowing what I need Singing to my spirit, rejuvenating me Recharging my batteries, encouraging me The man of my dreams, I've yet to meet physically Connected to me even if I don't know who you are, sensually building me up until the reuniting of our souls My hope is what I hold onto, it keeps me going Opening my eyes and coming back to reality is what I must do but I know you are out there waiting for me and know I waiting for you

Lipstick trails

I want to decorate your skin if you don't mind Press my lips against every part of you, giving each area it's own quality time Smear my lipstick and I'll reapply It doesn't bother me any because I have plenty in supply Different shades, flavors, and textures All of them for you Let me take my time and try each color on you Feel my kisses and embrace my love Enjoy my passion and have some fun I hope you are enjoying this as much as I Because this is making me hot, I can't lie Some call it wasteful but that doesn't matter to me To see you smile and enjoy being pampered Is pure ecstasy