02 March 2013


If you chose to love me, love me for all the right reasons, Forgive me of my flaws and never try to get even. Hold me close every night and let my body come into your God made me from your rib, so we are one.
See my beauty through my tears because I might forget, Remind me of why life is worth living with you in it.
Bring change into my life but only for the better, When the storm gets ugly outside, I need to know can you stand the weather?
Time heals all wounds but I rather my time being spent on you than dwelling on the past that cannot be renewed.
When you kiss me, connect your soul with mine and let my love fall down on you each and every time. Hope with me when the darkest part of the night comes, Rub my aching body when the pain becomes unbearable, Look me in my eyes and see where I am coming from.
Walk with me on this journey and never leave my side, Don't let the pride of your mind be the dictator of the love of your heart.
Let your passion conquer all and I vow to stay true, Because the honest answer of it all is that I love you too.

Getcha Spread Right

He proudly states claim to the fact that my backside has thickened up. That my rump got plump after he started applying his love.
Applied pressure creates diamonds and his prized discovery is the diamond that giggles behind me. Not to firm but far from sloppy, he tells me the I'm lucky that I got him because women outchea paying for what he blessed me with.
Tiny frame but with plenty curves, he made mountains out of mole hills with the juice he possess. That get thick quick serum, that spreads you right and keeps you up all night.
The formula to success is proper amount of dick and plenty of rest annd the booty of your dreams will show itself.