29 June 2012

Oral ......... at its finest

I want to start at the tip and work my way down your shaft Caress every inch of what it is you have or better yet what you are blessed with Your stick is for the tasting and I want sample of that magic that lives in your love below Yeah it is my job but I refuse to blow An opportunity to give you what your body needs Because if it were me, I’d have you on your knees So let me do for you as I would want for myself Because treating your man how you want to be treated is great for your health But back to the task at hand, or I rather say at mouth Taking my skills and tricks and heading down south To the source of what makes you a man Let me please that which is in between your or more like your lower amenities. Special attention is required for such a being as your wand, wave it at me baby. It needs that good ol spit shine of mine but the question is not when but are you ready? Ignite that passion in you, drive you wild I must know how many licks it takes to get an explosion out of you Curl your toes as I do my thing nice and slow Just let me know when ……… I’ll get on my mark: Set BLOW!