13 September 2016

It's about that TIME

I've been curious for years about what could be between you and I, All we ever needed was time and opportunity
You planted a seed deep inside of me,watering and nurturing me to see what could be
Watching it grow slowly but surely over the many years of our friendship
Now I'm ready for the pruning process to maximize what has developed so that it can be the best
It's always been something or someone that caused the inability for us to push the envelope
But now we can have fun, now we can have our moment in the Sun
No longer watching one another from afar, loving one another but can't love one another.
We are working on that HomieLoverFriend and I'm all in because I'm willing to try with you
No apprehensive feelings, all freedom to love and be loved
To enjoy the beauty of the process to be intimate with you
All we ever wanted was a chance to make some plans and now we can with no limits
The Most High mad no mistakes and I'm grateful for the wait because it is definitely well worth it

On my shit

I'm over zealous with my methods
But on my Creator I can't help it
It comes so naturally that I move through this realm so freely
I am a Queen and that shouldn't be taken lightly
I go after whatever I want because I have to have it
I am my only limitation and I'll never let myself down
You may try but you'll never take my crown
My world is perfectly imperfect
It's beauty in everything
I'm riding this life, enjoying every bump and every curve, every dip and every swerve
No hands while I ride because their is strength in my lowers
I am the key to bringing you into my light Don't you understand?
I am over the top and demanding your best
My mother created a God so I expect nothing less
I don't care if you are sick of me You can't bring me down I'm on a natural high
If you don't like it, that's to bad for you
I'm going to keep being great because that's what I do


The Mentality of A Woman in Love

I can't even lie I settled for him
It was comfortable and stable,
I thought I that I was happy with conforming
Submission to a man that was not yet ready
Keeping me around because he didn't want another man to have me
Allowing him to figure out his life so selfishly
As I sat a waited so selflessly
Praying for him to find what he was looking for, hoping his answer was in me Compromising and changing my everything
Begging for a complete love in return for the love I was giving
Taking in his ridicule and negative energy Tearing up myself spiritually I'd fallen weak to this type of love over and over again
Thinking that love all I really needed
I don't really need support and appreciation
Encouragement through my own struggles and pushing me to go after my own dreams
All I ever wanted was to be accepted by the one I love even if it meant losing myself
I had to have him and no one else
It hurts to love someone who is more focused on themselves
I had to break free I was breaking apart daily It was no way to live, a so called happy
For him to try pull me back into the cycle You know I love you girl, I want you to be my wife eventually, be the mother of my children and be my everything
But a brother needs more time, I don't much more time but I need that from you. I gotta be sure of my feelings for you but I need your sexual healing and your counsel too.
If you leave I'll never forgive you, you'll regret every second that I'm not in your world girl
He tries but I run as fast as I can to look back to see that he wasn't even chasing me
Wasn't willing to compromise or change for me
Let me go as if it was nothing
I'm in full stride with tears burning my eyes because I know the answer
But I allowed him to have 2 years of my life ......... Love is beautiful a thing when done right but love isn't the only thing you need to survive


12 September 2016

The Beautiful Struggle

The fight with the flesh is a daily battle
It's not just about the sacred act but struggle with the ego
It never seems to quit
The right side of your body never gives up so easily
You feel yourself losing control of self and you have to regain your position
The learned behavior wins again
No one desires to feel weak or inadequate But then who determines the standards of weakness and inadequacy in our society? Do we take those standards of judgment against ourselves;
Superior spiritual beings forcing self to fit a mold that was designed to benefit a man that does not have access to the Most High, a man whose heart desires to steal kill and destroy our people because He hate us because ain't us.
He wants his here on earth because this is all he'll ever have. The true battle is deep within. We've been pumped with harmful chemicals for a century, vaccinations killing the nation.
The killing of the mind and forced state the lowers is the way they intended us to be
But when you get out of line and breathe deep it's a controversy You are in battle with self but in a war to survive It's a vicious cycle but it's easier to go the way of world than to break free
So do we do what comes easily and accept a level of success that's determined by a society can't grasp the power that we harness or do you allow yourself to take the journey of the freeing of the mind and soul that comes so naturally
Are you scared to become the sacred being that you are designed to be, letting go of the ways of the world and being more than a human being
It's never easy but it's all apart of the process
I'm finally wiping away the mucus that was holding me back from the true "Success"
It's getting back to basics and listening to one's self