13 September 2016

It's about that TIME

I've been curious for years about what could be between you and I, All we ever needed was time and opportunity
You planted a seed deep inside of me,watering and nurturing me to see what could be
Watching it grow slowly but surely over the many years of our friendship
Now I'm ready for the pruning process to maximize what has developed so that it can be the best
It's always been something or someone that caused the inability for us to push the envelope
But now we can have fun, now we can have our moment in the Sun
No longer watching one another from afar, loving one another but can't love one another.
We are working on that HomieLoverFriend and I'm all in because I'm willing to try with you
No apprehensive feelings, all freedom to love and be loved
To enjoy the beauty of the process to be intimate with you
All we ever wanted was a chance to make some plans and now we can with no limits
The Most High mad no mistakes and I'm grateful for the wait because it is definitely well worth it

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