13 September 2016

The Mentality of A Woman in Love

I can't even lie I settled for him
It was comfortable and stable,
I thought I that I was happy with conforming
Submission to a man that was not yet ready
Keeping me around because he didn't want another man to have me
Allowing him to figure out his life so selfishly
As I sat a waited so selflessly
Praying for him to find what he was looking for, hoping his answer was in me Compromising and changing my everything
Begging for a complete love in return for the love I was giving
Taking in his ridicule and negative energy Tearing up myself spiritually I'd fallen weak to this type of love over and over again
Thinking that love all I really needed
I don't really need support and appreciation
Encouragement through my own struggles and pushing me to go after my own dreams
All I ever wanted was to be accepted by the one I love even if it meant losing myself
I had to have him and no one else
It hurts to love someone who is more focused on themselves
I had to break free I was breaking apart daily It was no way to live, a so called happy
For him to try pull me back into the cycle You know I love you girl, I want you to be my wife eventually, be the mother of my children and be my everything
But a brother needs more time, I don't much more time but I need that from you. I gotta be sure of my feelings for you but I need your sexual healing and your counsel too.
If you leave I'll never forgive you, you'll regret every second that I'm not in your world girl
He tries but I run as fast as I can to look back to see that he wasn't even chasing me
Wasn't willing to compromise or change for me
Let me go as if it was nothing
I'm in full stride with tears burning my eyes because I know the answer
But I allowed him to have 2 years of my life ......... Love is beautiful a thing when done right but love isn't the only thing you need to survive


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