13 September 2016

On my shit

I'm over zealous with my methods
But on my Creator I can't help it
It comes so naturally that I move through this realm so freely
I am a Queen and that shouldn't be taken lightly
I go after whatever I want because I have to have it
I am my only limitation and I'll never let myself down
You may try but you'll never take my crown
My world is perfectly imperfect
It's beauty in everything
I'm riding this life, enjoying every bump and every curve, every dip and every swerve
No hands while I ride because their is strength in my lowers
I am the key to bringing you into my light Don't you understand?
I am over the top and demanding your best
My mother created a God so I expect nothing less
I don't care if you are sick of me You can't bring me down I'm on a natural high
If you don't like it, that's to bad for you
I'm going to keep being great because that's what I do


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