12 September 2016

The Beautiful Struggle

The fight with the flesh is a daily battle
It's not just about the sacred act but struggle with the ego
It never seems to quit
The right side of your body never gives up so easily
You feel yourself losing control of self and you have to regain your position
The learned behavior wins again
No one desires to feel weak or inadequate But then who determines the standards of weakness and inadequacy in our society? Do we take those standards of judgment against ourselves;
Superior spiritual beings forcing self to fit a mold that was designed to benefit a man that does not have access to the Most High, a man whose heart desires to steal kill and destroy our people because He hate us because ain't us.
He wants his here on earth because this is all he'll ever have. The true battle is deep within. We've been pumped with harmful chemicals for a century, vaccinations killing the nation.
The killing of the mind and forced state the lowers is the way they intended us to be
But when you get out of line and breathe deep it's a controversy You are in battle with self but in a war to survive It's a vicious cycle but it's easier to go the way of world than to break free
So do we do what comes easily and accept a level of success that's determined by a society can't grasp the power that we harness or do you allow yourself to take the journey of the freeing of the mind and soul that comes so naturally
Are you scared to become the sacred being that you are designed to be, letting go of the ways of the world and being more than a human being
It's never easy but it's all apart of the process
I'm finally wiping away the mucus that was holding me back from the true "Success"
It's getting back to basics and listening to one's self


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