30 September 2012

Letter to my future unborn son

I have dreams of my mardi gras mask belly tattoo spreading as wide as the moon With my prince growing deep inside me, my future blessing I dream about you all the time, how perfect you would be From the shade of chocolate of your skin to the color of those beautiful eyes Wondering of your lips will be as thick as mine and if you will have dimples when you smile But most of all I dream about the type of man you will be I need you to be a God fearing man, a man of honor and courage Doing what’s right when others expect the worst of you A gentleman because this world is losing them Be outgoing no matter what Give your best in everything you do Have goals for yourself, dreams for yourself Thrive when the society wants you to fail But most of all never break a woman’s heart intentionally Your mother has been through a heart break or two and I NEVER want you to be that guy I want you to treat women like queens and never play with their hearts You are coming from me and I am royalty and you must understand that If you wouldn’t want it done to me, don’t do it yourself Your body is sacred, always remember that I want to bring you up the right way, a better way You will be my baby but I promise not to baby you I can’t expect you to a man if I am constantly holding your hand I hope your father agrees with me whenever I meet him and marry him But this is the foundation of greatness in my eyes Until the time is right and my dreams come true I’ll meet you in my dreams and know that I love you TCG

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