15 October 2012

Hittin It!!!!!!!!!

*SMACK* My chest to the bed and my ass in the air You rip my panties off and tell me you’ll buy me a new pair *SMACK* No need for words, the sexual tension is saying what all needs to be said You have been waiting for me to get home and get me in the bed *SMACK* Kissing me on the back of my neck and working your way down my spine Squeezing on my breast, warming me up on the inside *SMACK* I feel my passion fruit juice running done my thighs as you find my waist and guide your erection inside of what calls you late nights and makes you late for work in the morning *SMACK* My blood pressure is up and my heart rate is outta this world Our rhythm becomes one and it feels as if our passion is about to explode *SMACK* What’s my name? *SMACK* I can’t hear you *SMACK* This pussy mine? *SMACK* Damn right this pussy’s mine *SMACK* Ahhhhhhhhhhhh shit *SMACK* Immmmmmmmmma *SMACK* Bouttttttta *SMACK* CUMMM Fin.

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