07 September 2012


In my mind I go back and forth with how things are going
Do i keep your feelings first and continue to torture myself because I want more from what we have. I basically let us be what we are because I'm scared that if I push for more things will change 4 the worse and you will back away fron me like you did before. I don't want to force you to do anything but baby I do need some reassuring. It's tough to go forward when you are going forward alone, I get nervous thinking about confronting you with my issue. Do you really have my back or is it just a phase. Am I important to you like you say I am or am I just your favorite game to play? Are my feelings for you disposal to you, worth keeping close to your heart? Do you want me to stay off potential alone but what if potential never develops huh? What if you walk away and I stay? Does that ever cross your mind? Do I ever cross your mind? Sweetie I need to know

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