01 March 2012

Growing Up

I feel that this process is healthy for me, helping me cleanse myself of my personal demons and focus on the things I need and gather what my heart desires. I hadn't been this passionate about celebrating lent since I was a little girl at Saint James Major LOL
I'm still figuring some things out but I'm making am effort ya know! Job hunting, thinking about my future, expanding my horizons. My gma says the only reason I want to work is so I cam buy shoes nd dresses LOL Part of that is true but I am ready to have my own you know. Well at least work for, grind for it.
My lent plan I am on is pretty good, well pretty great. Has me thinking about alot in my life and what I need to correct and let God's plan for me work for me. Believe me being as head strong as I am, this is kicking my butt lol but I determined to make it! Easter here I come

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