04 June 2012


Your soul juice Your cum Your ejaculation The simple yet complex basic material of LIFE Some consider it the late night snack to their wives or The release of some built up stress or tension that was produced from a long day’s work Or even a sign of victory after that big booty girl you have been after for 2 weeks finally gives into you plea for sex But some are losing the true definition of this life nectar that God has created. You males are the kings and rulers of this world and God has made you royalty So that means you should protect your precious jewelry, family jewels, or whatever you decided to call your anatomy But your loins bring about greatness to this old dying world yet some of you get instant satisfaction in bussin a nut on a super freak's breast or eyelids. You 'nut' in her mouth and she spits it out .........THAT IS YOUR LEGACY ON THE DAMN FLOOR. My African Kings do you not see that it this is killing me that you are having spiritual transfers of life for recreation with some random woman who doesn’t respect your birthright to bless the world with your seeds? This is a serious matter because children are being created with women that don't deserve your blessing of life! You got quick 'nut' on her butt but you are falling to the masses It is life that is brewed between your legs and you should treat it as such. It is your prized possession Protect it at all cost Thinking about what you are doing before you go shooting off


  1. The act of sex is not cherished in today's society, its all about getting pleasure and sexual release. THIS POEM spoke wonders. I loved it thanks for sharing Tarolyn

  2. Dang Tay.. you know something. For real

  3. Thanks 4 the love and I what I can when I can