07 June 2012

Welllllllllll Goood Morning

I believe I was on the verge of a wet dream but I woke up before the juices started flowing but the juices are definitely there with my very real thoughts and feelings running high and then I realize I must go to the bathroom that's why my body woke me up nd the fact that my mouth is quite dry. As I kick my legs over the bed I come to the understanding that I have a female version of a hard on. If I had a penis it would be standing at attention for the whole world to see bouncing around just happy to b up because my mind created some idea to bring me to life but I guess sex is one of the first things on my mind right after Thanking my Heavenly Father. So no more condemning a man for his morning showcase because women have them as well it's just not in your face

1 comment:

  1. LOL LOVED THIS .....you just let out our secret...shhhhh I'm not telling lol