09 April 2012

He who hurt me

He hurt my spirit and tortured my soul, yet I loved him with all of me and in return he turned me cold. All the signs were there from the beginning but I tried to make it work because I loved him. That type of love that I would go to the end of the earth for him, if he needed a piece of me it was his to have but he never understood that I loved him more then words could express. All I ever wanted was for him to feel the same and let the love flow through him. He never realized the passion that lived inside of me for him, the pure desire of him being near me ......... I thought he was the air in my lungs and the heart in my chest but that day came when what I had wasn't the best for him and what he wanted to do with himself anymore. I was no longer the love of his life or his soul mate. He couldn't even look me in my in when we were face to face, letting those bullets shoot out of his mouth into my chest like killing me softly with no soft in it. He murdered my heart because I knew it was lies, crushed my mind a million times but he walked away without a scratch or a bruise, didn't even extend a helping hand moved on with his life like we never happened, like i never existed. I never moved on,letting him always have his place back in my world, hoping he would change his mind and he did but it changed severe times and a piece of me died with every turn. Demanding all of me but claiming he never did, opening up my heart again but never really wanted it, and looking of him to love me like i needed to be loved and it never happened. A scared little boy running from me, running from my love ......... Like I was the Black plague or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus bug. Love had broken me, he had broken me and i still never understood how I can't live without him but he live without me.

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