09 April 2012

God forgive me, I don't mean to question you

Is this what I have been praying for this whole time? Is this what I've been needing? God after all this frustration, is this what I've been seeking? I pray for your forgiveness and not for my own understanding. You wouldn't put more on me than I can bare but what is he to me. Would you let me feel what greatness feels like to head back to pain? Expose me to real and never be the same. Let us cross paths just to help one another in these trying times? I'm in a dark place as is he but is it real between us or just a fantasy? You said this that come from sin can't not succeed but Lord I ask you, can you make this exception for me? For us, I believe this us more than just lust. But I ask this of you but at the end of it all, I sure am blessed to have experienced this than not at all

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