06 May 2012

I want you

Only if you could comprehend the passion that I feel for you, you would understand that there is no way that I could just be your friend. The fact that I day dream about you constantly and I wonder about your ever move not on no stalker tip just that I am simply into you. When there is something you desire that much you learn everything you can so that you are better equipped to understand what it is that makes that one thing so unique to you. That is what motivates me to get to know you. What makes you happy, what makes you sad? What type of underwear do you prefer your woman wear in your bed if any at all? I want know everything even if it is big or small but it is getting to the core elements of you so I don't mind at all because I feed off the energy you give to me. I want to know what level of intimacy to take on with you because I what to get to know you, I want to be close to you, dance with your soul, figure out why you it's you that infatuates my soul, my mind, and my loins. I want to know why I want you and only you to have me in this way, to be my fulfillment and my joy that I share with the world that you drive me crazy with compassion that it leaks through my pores that I got to have you in my life no other way will do. The simple fact is that I want you

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