24 November 2012

COD (Call of Duty)

When I have to leave you it's to protect our homeland and our values It's nothing against you but I have to do what I have to do No matter how far I must go, you are my # 1 goal and my love will never fail even when the world goes cold I must do what I am trained to do, do as I am told Stand up and fight when it's time to go to war But don't be scared for me because your strength strengthens me Keep me prayed up and loved up and that's all I need There is a main mission I must uphold, protect and serve my country and baby I got to go so don't break down on me Keep that bed warm at night because I'll be there in spirit and keep that computer on when it's time for our oovoo sessions This life isn't for everyone and you committed to it with me, That is a lot of weight to carry yet you never ever get weak Words can't explain how I love you for that alone and the fact you'll be loving me even while I'm gone I must walk out that door but know that you hold the most precious thing to me You hold the key to my heart and you are my everything

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