22 November 2015

All work and All play

When we are out in public, I'm presentable and classy, but when I get home I love to make it nasty. Text messages and phone calls through out the day turns into sexting and video messages because you want to see what color panties I wore to work that day. Lunch time visits, smiling and greeting everyone in my building but soon as we reach my office, you shut the door and close the blinds and I already know it's go time. Eating my pussy out on my desk, ripping the buttons on my blouse so you can have access to my breast when you slide deep inside, covering my mouth with the other hand to muffle the sounds. Get me all cleaned up once once you cum; Grabbing me a new blouse out of my wardrobe because this is normal for our lunch dates. Whispering to me there is more where that came from later as I walk you to the evaluator. Texting me the address for with dinner with your boss at 8 and I glady agree because I have some tricks up my sleeve. Dinner with your boss and colleagues, I showed up dressed so elegantly but sexy enough to drive you crazy. You can't stop squeezing my ass as I sit by your side at the table, texting me your ass looks like a ripe Georgia peach in this outfit and I'm planning to eat. I text back, check your blazer pocket if you dare. I wore my vibrating panties and i slipped the wireless remote is in there. Turn it on and watch me not break as sweat, I bet you won't do it unless you are that freaky. Your boss thinks we are such love birds as we kiss and whisper in each other's ears, little does he know I'm cumming and telling you the things I'm doing to you once we get to the car, I whisper baby I'm about to be your porn star as soon as you get the check ......... You tell your boss we have to get going, it's getting late and I have a early day in the morning, all lies because you want me to swallow your dick as soon as possible. You pay the tab and grab our coats, because you have cover my ass because it's soaked. The valet barely pulls the car around and we are standing out front, tonguing each other down. Soon as you get in the car, I pull your dick out so that I can taste my dessert before we make it home. Struggling to open the door to the house because you are already got the head inside. Fuck the door, we can get it on the patio so the neighbors can see how to keep your man happy.


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  1. girlllllll....I haven't read an erotic book in a while and after reading this entry you got me wanting to do just that