27 August 2015

Can you?

*The song Creep Inn by Ideal inspired this poem*

Can you meet me 3 hours away unexpectedly? At a secret place, just you and me? We can hide away from the world and discover each other's intimacy, exploring the opportunity to be more than just friendly. Can you afford to disappear for a week, in a country where we'd have to pay for a translator to speak? To learn each other and learn another culture simultaneously? Is it to much for us to hold hands walking down the street, sharing our future endeavors and facilitating what could be? Would you be willing to pack up your belongings and run away with me for a lifetime of happiness and prosperity, become one as a family, buy our dream home in different country worlds away from what we know and build our dynasty? Are you willing to walk away from what you know, to walk into the unknown with your Queen? Do you trust that you would more than thrive with me? Let's explore the world as one, never letting our love grow cold, promising to spread our love across the globe. We are limitless in this life, so let the adventure begin, I just need to know are you willing?



  1. Love this ......definitely something good to perform at a spoken word event

  2. I see you exploring your creativity. I love this