30 June 2014

What a Man?!

Why chase a boy for anything He isn't ready for a challenge or to face adversity He smells of his mother's breast milk and Hennessey Ready to latch onto your nipple if you give him the opportunity You can't help who you love the say because love is a natural thing But I say can you help who you become a fool for and stop blaming love as the outcome of your situation A man doesn't need chasing because he chases you He knows what he needs and sees it when he sees you He isn't afraid of change because he wants to change for you A man's manhood isn't determined by how many women he has allowed himself to sleep with, that's child's play It's determined by how many times he has allowed himself to love another Human being as much as he has loved himself. His willingness to give and provide for someone other than himself, to build up the community around him without effort or threats The beauty of a real man is ability to build up any woman or lend her a helping hand without any intentions of gaining any rewards or repayment plans. Being able to help someone else that is in need or providing a kind gesture because that's in his personality So don't entertain these little boys in grown men's clothing Stop allowing yourself to be a mother figure to a boy who should be a man Stop giving of yourself to boost a little boy's ego because a real man's ego is stable without your reassurance or knowing what color your panties are at the end of the night If he allows what that mouf do to pass his lips to you, you politely turn around and switch your hips of his playground with his childish ways Because you deserve better than some part time minimum wage of a man Because there a grown men out there But you have to take your time to see Stand your ground and enjoy being free Because a real man is worth waiting for, because suffering from the hands of a child is tragedy.

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