28 November 2015

Forget my number

I thought I was over you until I saw a photo, a photo of you claiming her as your property. Having the pride of her being your own glaring from your eyes, the pride that you never had for me. It doesn't hurt as much as it shocked me to see that you actually claim another human being. I always thought you'd wait for me or I thought you wanted to wait for me, with your random calls in the middle of my life to "check on" me, acting so friendly. I just found it very funny that you committed to the girl that was suppose to be a nobody to you. But you can't help but to call me for a life update on me whenever you need my energy But you her sitting next to you like your Queen to be Seems like everyone knew but me I leave the country and you decided to grow up on me. Stirring up emotions that I thought left out of me years ago Having me feeling a tad bit crazy but that's the life you chose after me, which is fine but please don't contact me on my hotline TCG

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