28 November 2015

What do you want me to do?

I hated when you went missing on me, felt like our love was disconnected because you spent your portion of the bill money on more important things than the woman who you wanted to be your wife. Felt as if i was a nuisance instead of a prize because when I looked into your eyes, I saw something that I thought I'd never see ......... You giving up on me, giving up on us because we hit a rough patch in our love. You thought everything was going to be sunny days of pure bliss, but in reality that's all a myth. Real love takes hard work and sacrifice, crazy fights, and long nights of arguing but early mornings of making love until everything is right. I let you walk away because, I wanted you to be free and happy, even if that meant you weren't with me. I saw you switching up on me, changing phone lock codes on me, looking over your shoulder when you texting, finding any little reason to leave the house if we had a disagreement. Changes in our spiritual connection, I felt you steadily pulling away from me, lying to my face, pretending that everything was gravy. Stopped answering my calls, hitting me back with a text message. You abandoned us because times got hard, you walked away and left your key, Now you expect me to be all happy because you realized that what's in those streets isn't better than me. You want me to be the bigger person because you were blind that a real woman was in your life wanting to give you an eternity is happiness and beautiful babies? You want me to try again because you realized you need me? Wanting me to practice forgiveness, when this could have been our dynasty. TCG

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