14 June 2013

Shower Scene

One shower head Two bodies The perfect combination for love making The hot water and steam contributes to the dirty things we do to one another Starts off innocently enough until you start rubbing up against my butt with what I know isn't a bar of soap Whispering in my ear to let you have it and don't be scared girl just grab it You get to kissing on my spot and you are trying to mess up my clean body but I don't want you to stop Picking me up and pressing me against the wall, I'm praying to God we don't slip and fall High off passion as we look into each other's eyes, with each stroke my love dripping down your thighs Knocking over body wash and getting into it, why are you worried about my hair getting wet? I don't have any. When your moans match mine and I get to shaking at the same time, I know we've completed the task at hand. Give me 30 minutes rest and we can do it again

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