13 June 2013

Boxer Briefs

It's something about a man wearing this one thing that drives my little behind insane. Next to nothing but still enough mystery for my mind to wonder whatcha working with. Nothing but a tease but it doesn't bother me because I'll take down anything that tempts me. I can't resist the deliciousness of a chocolate man in greatest gift to all of woman's kind and my perverted mind wanting to touch and kiss every part of his canvas, talmbout ready to sit on his lap and enlarge that imprint, give him the time of his life if he can handle it. I don't mean to be mannish but baby can I have it, I mean do you mind if I undress you from your suit and tie and let me vibe? Well I needs to know Can I? Just know don't come around me just wearing the that one thing that drives me crazy

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